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Why buy a product?

Integration with University systems

Integration for less data maintenance and increased accuracy
InPlace is the Australian market leading Higher Education Institute placement solution, by integrating with the industry leader out of the box the biggest hurdle is already cleared, now everyone is speaking the same language, seeing the same picture and collaborating effortlessly. Includes open API for non InPlace Universities or integration capabilities

Complete & continually being enhanced

If this was to be compared to a build project, a development of this scale will include gathering requirements, building specifications, coding and development and updates for changes in requirements and technology (at its simplest!), think of the risks saved deploying a modern developed solution by the leading higher education placement software solution company.
We keep the platform up to date and at the top of its game – buying a product aligns our goals are aligned with yours

Safe & low risk deployment

The technical deployment is minimal and first step with us is configuration of the solution as it is already complete and ready to be deployed by our experienced staff who have deployed to universities and employers alike.
With a complete product the focus of the deployment is on the business users and configuring the solution to meet and exceed their needs

Exceptional value for money

Low cost
Versus a competitive product offering a similar amount of functionality?
Or for a build project (our price is comparable to a specification)?
Every way you look at it, InPlace Network is great value for money

Built using the best

  • Microsoft .NET Platform for seamless integration with Word, Excel etc. using the latest and greatest coding platform
  • Automated testing including methods Unit , Integration and Selenium web based.
  • Can be hosted Independently or multi tenanted
  • Rich client User Interface built in AJAX Java Script framework
  • 100% web based using MVC framework
  • and following modern design principles of Inversion Of Control and Dependency Injection

24/7 access anywhere

All the info then gets saved in the cloud with a full audit trail, in just a single click. We customize the health and safety forms to suit you, and with full SSL certificate and data encryption, you can be sure your data is safe with us.
Information is presented in real time, and updates can be viewed instantly by students, universities and employers at any time, wherever they are, 24/7.