Placement provider software that gives you control

InPlace Network transforms the laborious-intensive and time consuming manual processes of placement management into a streamlined workflow.

From defining potential supply/capacity through to allocating and managing student requirements (such as induction material, certifications, and assessments), supervisor allocation, communications, reporting and payments.

Placement provider software that gives you control


Single-point control over all administrative tasks and student placements across the entire InPlace Network system.

Depending on the role, administrators and placement staff can perform administrative tasks, such as managing staff, user accounts, security, and permissions.

Customise each user portal, system configurations, email templates, and more.

Education Providers

(InPlace Clients) Seamless requests and placements between InPlace Network and integrated InPlace student placement system.

(Non-InPlace Clients) Educator-specific interface to access, manage, request and create placements directly in InPlace Network.

Educators can upload student records, create accounts, manage prerequisites, send placement requests, receive placement notifications, manage rosters, and much more.


Extensive student-friendly features, including placement application, roster maintenance, communication with supervisors/placement coordinators, timesheets, surveys, payments and much more.

Responsive UI design for cross browser compatibility and accessibility on any device.

Translation-ready interface, with native support for Chinese, French, and English languages.

Supervisors, Preceptors, and Clinical Educators

View placement details, and perform key tasks, such as managing shifts, ward rotations, timesheets, and more.

Set and manage own supervision rosters.

Built-in supervisory review and placement feedback workflow.

Graduate Employability: Build your workforce of the future.

Finding the right staff for your business is a difficult and ongoing process. Employing the wrong person for a position can cost up to 2.5 times more than their salary (estimated by the Australian Business Review survey).

Placements enable you to assess a potential future employee in your organization, engaging them with real workplace tasks and fitting them into your business culture. Use InPlace Network to identify the best graduates for your organization with performance evaluations, shared notations, and analytics.

Why InPlace Network?

Managing your workforce to capacity offers measurable revenue opportunity

Smarter Connected Placements

Smarter Connected Placements

Standardize your placement process and reduce your administrative overhead by eliminating paperwork, spreadsheets, and offline communication—enable your staff to manage all placement activities on a single platform.

Retain talent in competitive markets

Retain talent in competitive markets

Equip your organization with tools to manage the ‘real world’ industry experience for students, and most importantly, to retain them as skilled employees after graduation.

Analytical reporting, surveys, and assessments

Analytical reporting, surveys, and assessments

Create powerful custom reports on any data or process within InPlace Network. Deep dive your data store to find statistical benchmarks and insights about your placements, interactions with students, revenue, costs, ’Community Benefit’ reports, accreditations, and more.

Flexible online platform

Flexible online platform

Complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system—avoid hefty installation costs!
Completely scalable and customizable for any placement model, discipline, and facility size.
Monthly updates and new features.

Data security, quality, and integrity

Data security, quality, and integrity

Secure your data with continuous backups on local servers for robust storage and recovery. Compliant with the latest privacy regulations (including GDPR and ISAE3000/SOC-2).

 Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation

We thrive on delivering industry-leading features for our
clients, built with the newest technologies.


Safe & low-risk deployment

Deployable quickly upon contract execution

Minimal technical deployment required. InPlace Network is a ‘Software as a Service’ solution that is ready out of the box for configuration by our experienced consultants at universities and employers.

No risk to deployment schedule from software development activity or product stability

Since InPlace Network is an out-of-the-box product, our deployment focuses on configuring the solution to meet your business needs.

Modern and secure Design

Rich-client User Interface optimized for PC Widescreen, tablet or mobile. 100% web based using MVC framework compatible and tested across all major browsers. Highly secure—surpasses all regional security requirements, with full SSL certificate and data encryption, so you can be sure your data is safe with us.

Powered by Microsoft

InPlace Software is a Global Platinum Microsoft Partner (Microsoft’s top tier) and one of only two Australian partners in the Education sector worldwide.

Microsoft .Net Application Framework and seamless integration with any Microsoft product (such as MS Word and Excel)—take advantage of the world’s greatest software platform!

Hosted and optimized for Microsoft Azure in your region.

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We are proud to deliver the world’s most innovative placement software solutions for Higher Education (InPlace Software) and for Health Industry (InPlace Network). InPlace Network is wholly owned by QuantumIT. As an independent software company our people, intellectual property and methodologies make it happen.

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