In the News: Modernizing Clinical Placements to Accelerate Clinician Training and Recruitment 

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By modernizing clinical placements, InPlace Network is providing an innovative solution for Ramsay Healthcare.

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InPlace Network’s Role in Modernizing Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are a cornerstone of healthcare education, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real clinical setting. Yet, managing these placements efficiently and effectively has historically been a complex and time-consuming task. Universities must coordinate with numerous healthcare providers to secure placements, while healthcare organizations need to monitor various factors such as prerequisites, immunization records, background checks, and the number of hours each student completes. This administrative burden can be overwhelming and hinder the development of the healthcare workforce.

InPlace Network recognized these challenges and has developed a groundbreaking solution to modernize the clinical placement experience. One of the shining examples of InPlace Network’s success is the partnership with Ramsay Health Care, the largest private healthcare network in Australia…

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