Affiliation Agreements and Contract management

Affiliation Agreements for Clinical Placement Network 3.6
InPlace Network offers management of Affiliation Agreements for Higher Education and Clinical Placement Partners

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The latest InPlace Network release, Version 3.6, boasts a revamped Agreement management, for smart administration of Affiliation Agreements and contracts with your University or college providers.

InPlace Network Agreements, as a feature goes far beyond simply storing and managing agreements. Unlocking powerful workflows for allocation, setting criteria/conditions for preferred Education Partners, and managing agreement expiry timeframes. Offering an automated response feature, specific terms with capacity planning, and reporting for optimal relationship management with your University and Higher Education Institute partners.

The importance of effectively managing affiliation agreements cannot be understated. Affiliation Agreements can help form the backbone of your organizational partnership with Higher Education institutes.

  • Track financial commitments or priorities for allocation
  • Formalizes tracking and management of partnership from both a legal and practical standpoint
  • Establish streamlined communication processes for prioritized placement allocation
  • Priority allocation based on set placement capacity and Agreement conditions
  • More time spent on contract management than on strategic planning and/or execution of mutually agreed-upon priorities

InPlace Network agreement management can be used for any discipline or segmentation from Health based courses and programs, or Education K-12 management.

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