The Greater Manchester and Central Lancashire Consortium form to collaborate on placement management

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We’re pleased to share that QuantumIT, the owners of InPlace software, have partnered with five Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and multiple Healthcare...

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We’re pleased to share that QuantumIT, the owners of InPlace Software, have partnered with five Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and multiple Healthcare Providers across the North West England. The organisations have formed a Pan Greater Manchester and Central Lancashire Consortium to improve their placement management processes.

Improving collaboration between Higher Education Institutes and Healthcare Providers

The objective of the Placement Consortium members is to improve regional collaboration and working methods regarding student workplace learning. Each year thousands of students in health-related courses in the UK are required to put their academic learning into practice within a clinical setting. As such, it’s essential that Universities and Vocational Institutes can work efficiently with major Healthcare Providers to manage the student workplace learning experience.

Therefore, HEIs across the Greater Manchester and Central Lancashire region will be using InPlace Software to manage the organisation and allocation of placements and clinicals. They will benefit from the fluid integration InPlace has with InPlace Network, the solution that will be used by Healthcare Providers to monitor student supervision onsite.

The organisations involved look forward to a simpler and smoother placement management experience. The two harmonious systems will bridge the technical challenges typically experienced by HEIs and Healthcare Networks using disparate placement management systems.

The Manchester and Central Lancashire Consortium follows the successful Cheshire and Merseyside Consortium. This was formed for Healthcare Networks and four Universities in North West England to collaborate better on placement management, using InPlace and InPlace Network.

We look forward to sharing more information soon.

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